Soulful, Unique Cymbals Designed by Turkish Cymbal Champions Worldwide.

A Soulful, Vintage-Fueled Cymbal Tribute to Rhythm, Rock, and Blues. The first signature cymbal line designed by a female drummer, the Lale Kardeş (The Ringo Jets) Series was designed with a nod to 70’s-era Blues Rock. These hand-hammered instruments are the largest in the Turkish cymbal family, with responsive sustain and a long, full shimmer. Their massive, loud and loose sound still responds under delicate articulation for lighter, complex musical situations.


Dark, Controlled, and Naturally Clear for a Totally Unique Cymbal Presence.

With the dark, striking look of an Ottoman shield, and a sound that combines deep subtlety and controlled bombast, Ad Astra Series are the creation of Turkish drummer and cymbal designer, Özgür Can Öney. These lighweight cymbals feature an oven-charred, unlathed surface in striking contrast to their enlarged, lathed, polished bells. This unique combination delivers a controlled, clean response live and in the studio. Great for Rock, Funk, Fusion and other Progressive Styles.


A Ride that Embodies the Spirit and Expression of Generations of Cymbal Craft!

Each of these limited edition rides comes with a unique serial number and signed Certificate of Authenticity, an exquisite addition for those who love and respect the art of traditional hand made Turkish Cymbals!

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