22″ Ride

Turkish Ad Astra Series 22″ Ride’s massive size and imposing looks are outdone only by its bold balance of unique tonal darkness and articulate, dry sticking voice. Perfect for jazzy riding or big rock crashing that is powerful but not overbearing.

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Dark, Controlled, and Naturally Clear for a Totally Unique Cymbal Presence.

With the dark, striking look of an Ottoman shield, and a sound that combines deep subtlety and controlled bombast, Ad Astra Series are the creation of Turkish drummer and cymbal designer, Özgür Can Öney. These lighweight cymbals feature an oven-charred, unlathed surface in striking contrast to their enlarged, lathed, polished bells. This unique combination delivers a controlled, clean response live and in the studio. Great for Rock, Funk, Fusion and other Progressive Styles.