Lale E. Kardeş


Best known for her band The Ringo Jets, Lale Kardeş studied jazz drums at Bigli University and she joins forces with artists such as Anadol and Ílhan Erşahin when she isn’t touring with her band. Lale usually plays in the styles of the 60s and 70s and holds the rare title as the first female drummer with her own signature series from Turkish Cymbals!

Drew Steen


Drew Steen (Lindsey Stirling, Demi Lovato, The Elected, Reel Big Fish, David Archuleta) is a professional touring and studio drummer partnered with Turkish Cymbals and ddrum USA. Over the last fifteen years, Steen has commanded the stage with A-list entertainers on tour, television, and the big screen. Steen is a world-traveled, magnetic showman bringing Dave Grohl, Keith Moon, Josh Freese and Art Blakey influences to his groove, ensuring every live show and recording gets the right vibe.


  • Grammy Nominated Reggae album “Repentance” by Lee “Scratch” Perry (produced by Andrew W.K.)
  • “My Immortal” cover by Lindsey Stirling
  • “Phantom of the Opera Medley” featured in the title sequence of the Netflix Series “The Umbrella Academy” by Lindsey Stirling
  • “Little Drummer Boy” and “Ice Storm” from the album Snow Waltz by Lindsey Stirling

Drew’s fun flair and influence over a crowd cannot be ignored, whether it’s a sold-out arena or an intimate club show. To quote Steen: “I am most comfortable on stage and playing drums. To me, making people happy is the best part of performing. If you’re at my show for 90 minutes, and I can make you forget about your problems and escape the world for a while, it’s all worth it.”

Mia Morris


Mia Morris is a rock songwriter, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Mia’s first love was the drums and that’s where she does her best work–behind her standup kit, front and center for live performances. She showcases her power through her singing, playing and in her lyrics. SInce moving to Nashville in 2017, she has become well known as a touring musician and as an artist & writer. Mia also did some producing for other artists in 2020 while touring and live shows were put on hold along with being featured in American Songwriter as a notable composer.

Noah Leger


Chicago drummer Noah Leger is currently drumming for FACS.

Andres Silva Gomez


(USA) Considered one of Chile’s most in demand studio drummers, Andres’ impressive session resume includes hundreds recordings for soloists and bands of every style and genre. Now based in Nashville, TN. with a packed session and touring schedule, Andres has toured throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia with no plans to stop.



(TURKEY) Drummer for all-female hard rock band Amazon and Turkish rap singer Ayben, BAŞAK KARACAN has performed on Festival stages all throughout Europe. With a demanding teaching and Social Media schedule, Basak actively produces drumming videos for her growing fanbase.



(USA) Born and raised in beautiful San Diego, California, Brad Davis chose drums over surfing. Smart choice, as his drumming skills have wowed people from coast to coast (and even a couple people who enjoy watching his videos online.) When he’s not playing drums, he is sleeping. Or eating. Or sleep eating. Brad enjoys drums, drumsticks and cymbals. His favorite food is pizza. His favorite place is here and his favorite person is YOU.



(JAPAN) The brainchild of a Berklee College of Music graduate Majoring in Drum Performance, the “Chiyopon” Masked Drummer persona debuted in 2020 producing videos ranging from Jazz/Fusion to Anime. Working online streaming from Twitch and posting video through Instagram YouTube, she has been a proud Turkish Cymbal endorser since 2021. “Turkish Cymbals really helped me to create my own sound. I’m so happy to have the wonderful opportunity of working with the Turkish Cymbal Family!”



(USA) Chris Wabich is recognized as a versatile and original voice on the drumset. Featured most recently in a full stage production of Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage”, he is co-leader of Jazz project Sketchy Black Dog based in NYC. Upcoming projects include discs with Bernard Woma, jazz legend Mark Murphy, and Leonard Cohen. As a Musical Director, Chris has overseen everything from Gospel to Beatles tributes to The Existents featuring Ty Taylor (from Rock Star INXS.) Recording credits include Ludacris, Sting, John Oates, Brian Bromberg, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Haslip, Lalo Shifrin, Sheila E, Mark Murphy, Alex Acuna, Larry Koonse, Bad Haggis, Turkish superstar Omar Faruk, Boogsie Sharpe, Prog Rock legend Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine), Mike Hoffman (Tony Williams Lifetime),Richard Sinclair (Caravan) and Leonard Cohen.



(CANADA) Daniel Akira Stadnicki is an award-winning drummer, scholar, and popular music educator based in Amiskwaciy Waskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta). Specializing in adapted drum kit for a wide range of global folk, roots, and traditional artists—including Farhad Kosravi, Jeremiah McDade and Shannon Johnson (The McDades), Jaron Freeman-Fox, Spencer Murray, Dana Wylie, T. Buckley, Daniel Gervais, Braden Gates, among others—he holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of Alberta and currently teaches at MacEwan University. An accomplished writer, Daniel Akira has published in The Drummers Journal, the Journal of Popular Music Education (JPME), as well as served as co-editor for both The Cambridge Companion to the Drum Kit (2021) and a special issue on ‘Drum Kit Studies’ for the JPME (2021). In September 2022, Daniel Akira is co-organizing the International Drum Kit Studies Conference at Boston University, as well as participating in the inaugural GEI: Japanese Canadian Artists Symposium in Victoria, British Columbia. “My Turkish Cymbals are exceptionally versatile: thin, dark, and complex, I can play them with my hands, sticks, or scrape them for cinematic sound effects. I get so much from just one cymbal! Zero gimmicks, just straight up artisanal craftsmanship — couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the Turkish family”



(BRAZIL) From an early age, Demetrius Locks has had a passion for music and drumming. Studying with renowned drummer Kiko Freitas and drawing influence from highly technical fusion players, he has presented clinics throughout North and South America as a Turkish Cymbals ambassador. His uniquely technical drumming style can be seen on the DVD release, Excerpts of Maracatu: Double Bass Applications to Brazilian Rhythms. Currently working on new projects focusing on Maracatu rhythms, Demetrius has a healthy Social Media presence, with content that is sure to inspire!



(GERMANY) Fabius Förster is a 20-year-old drummer, based in Potsdam/Berlin. Beginning with formal drum training from Andrew McGuinnes (Baltic Soul Orchestra,) he studied drum set extensively as part of Berlin’s famous Drumtrainer program. He is currently playing with Heavy Metal/Hardrock act Metron and German pop artist Blum.



(CZECH REPUBLIC) Beginning with musical training age of six, Filip Novacek’s percussion studies started under Petr Kudibal at the Music School in Brno. Since that time he has played to massive crowds with Rock, Metal, and EDM acts across the European festival circuit. WIth more than 100 concerts a year on his schedule, Filip prefers clear, colourful and bright sound in his performances, leading him to Turkish as his cymbal of choice.



(BELGIUM) A native of Namur, Guillaume Malempré was rasied in a musical household in a family of professional musicians. Performing since the age of 10, his extensive Jazz studies began at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under Xavier Roger, Antoine Cirri, Bo Van Der Werf, and lessons private lessons with Antoine Pierre. With Oakstreet Trio, a group made up of musicians from the Conservatory, Guillaume has played the Brussel Jazz Marathon, the Sounds Jazz Club, the Chat-Pitre, the Blues-Sphere, and the Gaume Jazz Festival. Guillaume’s other musical projects include Irish music with The Rainy Four Seasons, as well as Renaissance, traditional, modern music.



(GREECE) A founding member of metal act RANDOMWALK, whose theatrical and diverse style has attracted a devoted worldwide fanbase, Harry’s drumming uniquely blends the aggression of the extreme metal with the groove of hardcore beat-downs. RANDOMWALK first garnered praise with Redemption (2008) which, along with the overtone of their numerous inimitable live performances, helped them steadily solidify their reputation as one of the genre’s elite acts. Their sophomore album titled Absolution (2010) was praised by press and audiences alike, and once more propelled the band’s unequaled expertise to create a deviating musical approach.



(PORTUGAL) Iúri Oliveira’s styles flow between World Music, Latin Jazz, and Fado, among others. For him, music is an encounter between cultures; a kaleidoscopic expression in a rhythm as dynamic as life itself. Having worked with several artists such as Sara Tavares, Selma Uamusse, Cesária Évora Orquestra, Tété Alhinho, Sara Alhinho, Ana Lains, and others, he’s still managed to create space for his own projects; like Criatura, They Must Be Crazy and Loosense. After performing with Madonna at the Billboard Music Awards 2019, Iúri Oliveira was part of Madonna’s Madame X Touring band in 2019/2020. His versatility, charisma and compelling energy led him to perfect a myriad of sounds, rhythms and compositions that make him a reference among artists, producers and composers today. Coming from a family with influences between Portugal and Angola, he became a musician at the age of 14. In 2009 he went to the Rhythm Studio (London School of Popular Music) and fell in love with a variety of styles. This is what drives and propels his multicultural and tireless heart. He later went on to study at Drumdrumdrum to expand his knowledge on World Music, Hybrid Percussion and Solo. Never ceasing to pursue inspiration, he has studied with percussionists such as Marcelo Wolosky (Snarky Puppy), Steven Brezet (Snarky Puppy), Renato Martins, Jarrod Cagwin, Osvaldo Avena, Osvaldo Pegudo, Marito Marques, and Sebastian Scheriff. More than music, Iúri Oliveira shapes atmospheres, builds lexicons, and embodies the passion for each artist and context. At the service of music, his instruments and techniques are the colors with which he has painted a unique path. “Serving music as a hole, in each timbre and sound, expressing and reflecting all my emotions. My legacy will be to inspire someone to make music, as I once was.”



(ITALY) Simone Pannozzo is a Funk drummer from Italy with over 10 years of professional drumming experience. Graduating in Jazz drumming at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, Simone focuses on a remote and in-person session playing. He’s the founder of “Backbeat Online”, an online community designed to help people learn how to play funk on drums.



(NETHERLANDS) Sjahin was born in 1972 Amsterdam and raised in Istanbul for the first six years of his life before moving back to the Netherlands to the small island of Texel in the North Sea. He’s founded and led several groups that include Bayuba Cante, Turqumstances, and at present Tarhana, Afro Anatolian Tales and most recently Arifa. He is a producer and teacher of world music, specializing in percussion. He’s studied and performed on five continents, studying with masters in Cuba, Turkey, India, Spain and Africa. The percussion instruments he masters range from bata drums, to congas, cajon, udu, various frame drums, and darbuka, riq to kanjira.



(TURKEY) Born and raised in rural Iowa, USA, Jarrod graduated with honours from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. His love of different cultures and music has influenced him in the development of his unique approach to incorporating hand drums with traditional drum set styles. In 1999 he began working with Lebanese composer Rabih Abou-Khalil, shortly thereafter relocating to Europe where he has been actively touring and teaching throughout the continent. He is a percussionist for the internationally acclaimed singer Sezen Aksu from Turkey. From 2011 to 2014, Jarrod was an instructor at the State Conservatory of Music in Istanbul. He is the author of several method books for rhythmic development and instrumental instruction; notably Def Method (2014) for oriental tambourine, One by One for rhythm method, and accompanying composition 5 vor 7 vor 6 (2010) published by Ensemble Modern Media in Frankfurt. Other performing and recording credits include collaborations with Fahir Atakoğlu, Erkan Oğur, Derya Türkan, Fatih Ahıskalı, Joachim Kühn, Gvork Dabaghyan, Michel Godard, Luciano Biondini, Ricardo Ribeiro, Dusko Goykovich, Mehmet Emin Bitmez, Kudsi Erguner, Jean-Luc Fillion, Dalia Faitelson, Ferenç Snetberger, Dave Bargeron, Howard Levy, Joe Beck, & Dave Samuels. He is also a guest artist with the Ensemble Modern and The Next Step Percussion Group, and has been a featured soloist with the BBC Orchestra, the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra, and the Bundesjungendorchester from Germany. He conducts rhythmic training workshops for musicians and dancers, as well as frame drum and drum set clinics across Europe.



(USA) Jared Byers is the drummer for international touring American rock band Audio Adrenaline. Since early 2013 they have been touring to support Kings and Queens (released in March, 2013) at a brisk pace—over 150 shows in the last year alone. But, this is nothing new for Jared. He has been touring professionally since he was 16 years old (The Dingees, Relient K, Bleach, The Honeymoon Thrillers) as well as being sought out as a studio/session drummer in Nashville. With hundreds of shows under his belt and over 10 years on the road, Jared is just beginning.



(IN MEMORIUM) Considered one of the most amazing and influential drummers on his era, John Blackwell joined Turkish Cymbals shortly before his untimely passing. Blackwell’s incredible playing made him one of the most saught after drummers of the new millennium, collaborating with artists ranging from Cameo, Patti LaBelle, Prince, Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy, Lauryn Hill, Maze Ft. Frankie Beverly, D’Angelo, and Bootsy Collins (among others.) He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1995 and was part of the Associate Professors roster in that prestigious school. His passion for teaching, and his devotion of passing his knowledge to the new generation of drummers, made him a model example of courage and dedication that were internationally admired. “I am happy to be part of Turkish Cymbals, the new best cymbal company,” said John following the introduction of his Signature cymbal line. His influence on the drumming community has had an indellible impact, and his legacy continues to inspire and amaze.



(SCOTLAND) Kieran Logan is a 21 year old drummer who plays with the acoustic/pop/rock band Kassidy giving their sound a fuller and even more exciting edge. The band were originally made up of four acoustic guitars with four part harmony, but the introduction of a bass player and drummer makes the band ready to play any festival or gig venue imaginable. He is a graduate of the University of West of Scotland with a degree in Commercial music and is now a full time member of the band Kassidy. His energetic style and heavy playing have made Kieran a very well respected drummer within a short space of time.



(USA) From Memphis TN, where he started drums at the age of 9. In 2012, Kyle nailed an audition and took over the drum spot for DAWN PATROL a metal band that has skyrocketed on the local, US, and international scene. DAWN PATROL has headlined shows in major cities and has opened for national acts including Michale Graves of the Misfits, Random Conflict, Lord Dying, Leftover Crack, Negative Approach, D.R.I, Soulfly, and Black Tusk. DAWN PATROL has released two EPs and one full length LP to critical acclaim. Kyle’s influences are Matt Cameron, Bill Stevenson, Ben Koller, and Stewart Copeland. Many fans are intrigued by Kyle’s advanced drum skills, fierce playing, and professionalism at such a young age. “I’ve said it many times and will say it again, Dawn Patrol has definitely done its thrash metal homework and represents the genre well! A trio with musical chops well beyond its years!” – ROCK 103 Memphis Classic Rock DJ: Catrina Guttery.



(BRAZIL) The carioca musician/drummer Lellei Viegas start to perform on the musical market in 1997, along with other artists, bands, musicians, teaching in musicschools, workshops, clinics, masterclasses and private classes. Lellei Viegas played and/or recorded with Mitra (production of William Magalhães – Gilberto Gil, Ana Carolina, Marina Lima, Black Rio Band, Orquestra Nota Jazz, amongothers, besides, of course, ballroom dance bands. He is currently in national tour with gospel singer Pamela, from Som Livre label with who is playing for 10 years. He is also the drummer of Fun Hits Band playing all over the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Lellei is also a musical and event producer of Musical, where he is the responsible for selecting and supervising bands, DJs, sounding and lighting for corporate events, gatherings, graduations and weddings. At the same time, Lellei is giving several workshops, clinics and masterclasses, in musical instruments stores, theaters, musical schools and other musicentities, promoting brands that sponsor him. Lellei also gives several private classes on his own studio.